Dell S2721HGF 27 Curved Gaming Monitor Review 2022

Dell S2721HGF 27 Curved Gaming Monitor Review

Dell S2721HGF 27 Curved Gaming Monitor – Everyone loves gaming! In 2018, around 66% of the population in the US loves gaming, this increased by around 8% from 2013.

With the increase of gamers in the world, gaming monitors have become more popular too. Now, if you are looking for a cool gaming monitor, then let’s check out Dell S2721HGF 27 curved gaming monitor to support your hobby.

For those looking for an affordable gaming monitor, then this Dell 144Hz Gaming Monitor 27 Inch curved monitor is one of the best options to choose.

It is not the most expensive monitor, but with the specs it has, it is more than enough to support your gaming. So, let’s see what the Dell curved gaming monitor 27 inch has to offer:


1. Quality of the Picture

The Dell S2721HGF specs start with a size that is 27-inch with a resolution of 1080 p with a peak of 144Hz refresh rate.

It is not the best record for contrast or color; however, the monitor can show detailed and colorful pictures.

The screen is also supported with technologies that will prevent the screen from tearing. Compared to Alienware 25, the Dell 27 shows better contrast performance!


2. Design

One of the great things about the Dell S2721HGF review is the curved screen monitor.

The screen itself is framed with a simple black band with a narrow black bar flush. As for the buttons, you can find them on the sides and bottom sides of the screen.

The base of the monitor is a plain black stand that is shaped in a hexagonal shape. This stand can tilt up and down but can’t rotate left or right.

Dell S2721HGF 27 INCH
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3. Gaming Performance

Compared to the Dell s2721hgf price which is around $299, Dell’s monitor offers great gaming performance because it has impressively low lagging.

Testing was done with HDFFury Dvi HDMI and the result was a lag of 1.7 milliseconds (ms) only.

The monitor also works great for non-gaming content, so even if you’re not a gamer, you can use the monitor for other work.


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4. Online User’s Guide

Color is a subjective issue and normally each person has their own best setting. Therefore, those who don’t like the default settings of the monitor can adjust it as they like.

To help people get the Dell S2721hgf best settings, then open the user’s guide and go-to game – preset modes. This guide will help you get the best you can.


5. Lack

Despite the great specs it has, there are some flaws that people will find in this monitor. One of the questions that many people ask is does Dell S2721HGF have speakers? The answer is yes, but don’t expect too much from it because it doesn’t produce the best sounds.

The second question that many gamers are asking is does Dell S2721HGF work with PS5? The answer is it can work with PS5, but again don’t expect that the performance is as good as other monitors.



Overall, the Dell S2721HGF 27 curved gaming monitor is a high-quality monitor that is available at a low price.

Even though it is a cheap gaming monitor, the Dell S2721hgf full HD 27 offers great performance and picture quality that you may not find in other monitors in this range of price.

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