How to Sell NFT Art For Free on OpenSea

How to Sell NFT Art For Free on OpenSea

How to sell NFT art for free on OpenSea? During the past year, the NFT industry has gone insane. Many new artists began the year with a significant amount of academic debt. Now, 365 days later, their bank accounts are on the verge of reaching millions of dollars in the balance.

OpenSea is the best place to sell NFT art that enabled all of this possible. This post will demonstrate how simple it is to produce and sell your first nonfiction book on this platform!

Here are five things you should know about how to sell NFT art for free on OpenSea:


Rules Before Publishing the NFTs

Several things must happen before you can put an NFT on OpenSea (or any other platform):

  • An Ethereum wallet is a place where you can store your money
  • This means you must have at least $50 in Ethereum (or $0) at all times.
  • At least one or more NFTs.

It’s done. Connecting a wallet to OpenSea is the first thing we’ll do.


Creating an NFT

OpenSea sell NFT art diverse. Everything can be an NFT! Different ways of making an NFT can be used. Algorithms make most collections of NFTs. However, there are also many new photography and music projects coming up very quickly as well.


Creating a New Collection

Now that a new NFT has been born, it’s time to locate a market. OpenSea is now the most popular NFT marketplace and the best place to sell NFT art. After logging in, the collection button appears at the top right. Making a new collection is simple.

When building a new collection, consider the pictures (logo, banner, etc. ), the name, payment choices, and social network links. Fill in the blanks. Almost every setting can be changed later. By default, ETH and WETH are chosen.

Now that the collection is created, you can add NFTs by clicking the ‘add item’ button.


Adding NFTs to the Collection

OpenSea’s UI is simple and easy to use. Adding an NFT to a collection is easy. A name, a description, and a collection suffice. Properties, levels, and stats can be applied to NFTs (collectibles, 1/1, etc.). This is not required!

Fill in the blanks if needed. Adding metadata to the NFT may entice buyers. The NFT is now officially produced and available on OpenSea.


Selling on OpenSea

All that’s left to do is put the new item on the market. Again, this is an effortless thing to do. An NFT can be sold. A price in Ethereum or WETH (depending on the collection settings).

After the listing is done, a request to sign is sent to the ETH wallet linked to it. First-time users are also asked to sign to prove they are who they say they are. Gas costs must be paid. Selling on the Polygon blockchain makes it free to list NFTS.


Those are five essential things you should know about how to sell NFT art for free on OpenSea. Have you tried to start creating an NFT? Do it now and earn great income from your NFTs!

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