How to Use the Microsoft Authenticator App

The Microsoft Authenticator, like the Google Authenticator, allows you to employ two-factor authentication without continuously checking your phone for text messages. When you log in to a Microsoft account, the Authenticator may present you with a code or a message asking for your permission to act.

It is possible to use the app’s code generator with accounts not associated with Microsoft, which is downloadable for Android and iOS.

How do I use the Authenticator app for Microsoft? This article provides instructions for installing and configuring the Microsoft Authenticator app for Android and iOS devices to implement two-factor authentication (2FA).

A computer and a mobile device running Android or iOS are required to set up the Authenticator. You will also need the login credentials for your Microsoft account, both the username and the password. You will need to sign up for a Microsoft account from the beginning if you do not already have one.


How to sign in Microsoft account

Navigate to in your web browser. Sign in to your Microsoft account if you already have one. In any other case, click the Create a Microsoft account button, then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to sign in.

  1. You’ll land on your profile page.
  2. Within the Security section, click the Update button after scrolling down.
  3. To view more security settings, click the Explore button. (You may need to sign in again.)
  4. On the screen that follows, click the Get it now button.
  5. You must first select the Google Play or App Store button to download the app. Return to this page once the application has been installed on your device, and then click the Next button.
  6. Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app, then select the SCAN QR CODE option from the menu. There is a possibility that you will receive a notification requesting you to provide permission for Authenticator to take photographs and capture video. Click the Allow button.
  7. Once you have scanned the QR code, click the Done button on your computer.
  8. Under the welcome message on your phone, tap the GOT IT button. Within the app, you’ll see your Microsoft account information.
  9. A notice will be issued to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device to verify your Microsoft account.
  10. After the warning has been acknowledged in the Microsoft Authenticator app, pick the Next button.

When you use two-step verification or need to reset your password, the application known as Microsoft Authenticator will now, by default, be the technique that is used to authenticate your identity.


How to Use Microsoft Authenticator App?

How to use the Microsoft Authenticator App? You will receive a notification on your smartphone each time you sign into a Microsoft account after you have initially set it up.

You will be required to enter a six-digit code whenever you sign in to a charge that Microsoft does not host. This process occurs over and over again within the program.

The following is a walkthrough of the sign-in process using Microsoft Authenticator.

  1. To access your account, navigate its page and log in with your username and password.
  2. You will receive a notification regarding your Microsoft account. To give your consent, tap it.
  3. You will need to input a code produced by the app to access other accounts. Touch the down arrow to the right of the account, then tap the Show code option if you do not see a code shown there.


How Do I Find The Code and URL?

How to Use the Microsoft Authenticator App

Go to the page where you can set up the mobile app on your computer. The code and URL are shown on the screen where the QR code is displayed.

It’s just a little hard to read because the text is too small compared to the QR code size. You should see a suggestion, “If you can’t scan the image, enter these details in your app.”

When the QR code doesn’t work, this suggestion tells you to use the code or the URL to verify on Microsoft Authenticator. Both of these answers will go right under that question.

Now, open the QR code scanner in the Microsoft Authenticator app on the device you want to add this code. But instead of scanning the QR code, choose “OR ENTER CODE MANUALLY” from the list of options.

The computer will then ask you to add the code it showed you. What if the Microsoft authenticator app does not show code? It might be an error with your device.

You can also use the methods below. Users can also sign in with their Google, Facebook, or Amazon accounts.

Simply put, you don’t need the QR code to prove that your device is real. Just try something different from the start. This can save you time and work if you’re trying to fix an app problem.


What Else Can Microsoft Authenticator do?

How to Use the Microsoft Authenticator App

Then, what else can Microsoft Authenticator do? When using an Android device, you can use the Microsoft Authenticator software to automatically fill in information such as passwords, addresses, and payment details.

Launch the Authenticator app, navigate to the section that pertains to your needs (passwords, addresses, or payments), and save the needed information.

You can also save the information within the Authenticator app rather than manually enter it on another website.

Everything will be connected to your Microsoft account as a result. On both your mobile device and your desktop computer, you may use it to fill in passwords, payment details, and addresses automatically.

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, it will handle everything for you automatically.

To use this feature on Google Chrome, you will need to download and install the Microsoft Autofill Chrome extension. This feature is only available in the Android app and you can’t use in any other way.

You can also set up Microsoft Authenticator on more than one device and then sync the information across all of them. Google Authenticator can only use at the same time on a single device.

Additionally, the Microsoft app includes a variety of notification choices, such as email and text messaging, in addition, to push alerts, biometric verification on phones, and other similar features. Again, Google offers these choices, but they are associated with your Google account rather than the Authenticator software itself.

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