HP VH240a Monitor Review 2022

hp vh240a monitor review

HP VH240a Monitor Review – If you want a monitor that can do it all, look no further. The HP VH240a is the answer to your search!

Yes, the HP VH240a FHD 23.8-inch IPS display is a must-have.  It boasts an adjustable stand, built-in speakers, a high-resolution IPS display with a bezel-less elegant design, and excellent RGB color coverage.

The HP VH240a has many unique features that make it stand out from other budget monitors. The most important one is the high contrast ratio of the IPS panel and the excellent sRGB color coverage.

The ergonomic stand with several tilt options is very different from other monitors in this price range.

Resolution of HP VH240a

The first HP VH240a monitor review is about the resolution. On the other hand, the resolution is always vital in determining the difference between a good monitor and an okay monitor.

The number of pixels displayed on a monitor screen in a single image is referred to as the resolution of the picture. As a starting point, a 1920 x 1080p resolution is acceptable.

Is HP VH240a monitor good for gaming? However, if you do complex work such as photo editing, graphic design, or gaming, you should always choose a 4k resolution.


Ergonomically Supreme

Let’s talk about HP VH240a specs. The VH240a is a little bigger and heavier than most 24-inch monitors. It is 19.7 by 21.2 by 8.6 inches (HWD) and weighs 10.3 pounds.

This is because it stands. Most cheap monitors can only be tilted, but HP’s stands are much bigger and flexible. They have a lot of ergonomic features that make them more comfortable to use.

The VH240a’s stand can be adjusted to different heights, tilt up to 5 degrees toward the user and down to 30 degrees away, and rotate between landscape and portrait modes. It can also be moved between landscape and portrait modes.

VESA brackets can be attached to the back of the screen, so you can hang it on the wall or attach it to a moving arm. Four holes spaced 100mm apart in the back fit the brackets. The HP 24mh has good ergonomics, too.

Like the other monitors, the HP VH240a has the same basic set of video inputs as most budget monitors. There is also a jack for audio in. The HP 24mh has a DisplayPort port, and the LG 24MP88HV-S has two HDMI ports, so they both have two HDMI ports.

Can the HP VH240a be mounted? The VH240a’s ports point down from the back. People often have to turn their monitors upside down or put them face down on their desks to add or remove cables, or they fumble around trying to put them in place by touch.

This can be a pain. The good news is that this monitor’s ability to pivot lets you stand next to the screen and rotate it into portrait mode, which makes it easy to reach the hidden ports.

Still talking about the HP VH240a monitor review, also in the back, as we said, are two 2-watt speakers, which look about the same as those on the HP 24mh. They sound about the same.

It’s a good thing that they have speakers because most budget monitors don’t have any speakers. Their volume isn’t deafening, and their audio quality isn’t excellent.

On the right side of the power button are four buttons that control the onscreen menu system (OSD). It turned out that they were quick to respond, and the OSD was easy enough to use.


Working Performance of HP VH240a

The HP VH240a refresh rate has a 60 Hz, which is typical for a 1920 x 1080 p display. The refresh rate is the number of frames per second (Hz). While this refresh rate isn’t alarming, gamers prefer a higher rate for smoother gameplay.

Despite this, the monitor’s five millisecond response time makes it a decent choice. The monitor doesn’t support a convenient changeable refresh rate display.

Monitor also features a low-blue light filter capable of controlling brightness when exposed to 100%.


HP VH240a Price

As we said before, the HP VH240a is a good deal. The HP VH240a price is between $110 and $120. This is very cheap with a 1080p UHD IPS screen that gives you such great picture quality—a very adjustable ergonomic stand with many different ways to move it.

Another good thing about this is that the color gamut and the contrast ratio are both high. In general, this is a good deal with all the features you need for a reasonable price. You will not be sorry you bought it.

“You get what you pay for” is a well-known quote. The HP VH240a has fully acted on this.

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